Home Rocks

by Kim Shuck

This morning I hear the singing 
One mountain to another 
Across valley and piped creek 
Tumbling in culvert 
Translating water into 
Serpentine thoughts 
When they moved the star map 
I could hear her singing 
Can hear her singing now 
Can hear her learning 
Granite story 
Heat and cooling 
We are all stories in series 
The water we are 
The water that has carried us 
Has carried stone 
Has cracked a surface has 
Sung through the culverts 
Another kind of mapping of 
A travel story a 
Song of staying and of 
A song called across this valley from this mountain to another 
A scatter 
A collection 
I found a scrap of you 
Wrenched from your hill 
Mounted on a museum wall 
We sang quiet songs to one other 
All afternoon 
Dissident rocks that we are 
Just today I could hear our home hills 
The waters that polished us 
Humming an answer

Copyright Kim Shuck. All rights reserved.

Kim Shuck, a native of San Francisco whose work explores her multiethnic roots, is San Francisco’s seventh poet laureate. 

A lifelong resident of San Francisco, Shuck lives in the Castro district. Her poetry collections include Clouds Running InRabbit Stories, Smuggling Cherokee and Deer Trails. Shuck also teaches at the California College of Art, in the diversity department, and has taught at San Francisco State University. She has volunteered in San Francisco Unified School District classrooms for two decades. www.kimshuck.com

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