Trickster Story

by Jenny L. Davis

I’m going to tell you 
a story about why the 
Tricksters no longer 
talk to each other. 
They say long ago 
that the animals used 
to talk together, just 
like people do today. 
One day, Rabbit, 
Coyote, Raven, 
Spider, Buzzard 
and Fox all took 
seats around 
a table together 
for the first time 
in a long while 
eying each other warily. 
Finally, Fox cleared 
her throat and said, 
Thanks for coming— 
As you know, 
the point of today’s 
faculty meeting 
is to decide who 
among us gets a 
merit raise this year. 

Trickster Story appears in the Fall 2019 issue of North Dakota Quarterly 
© Jenny L. Davis. All rights reserved. 

Jenny L. Davis (Chickasaw) is a Two-Spirit/queer Indigenous writer and professor of American Indian Studies and Anthropology. Her creative work has been featured in literary journals including the Santa Ana River Review; Transmotion; Anomaly; Broadsided; and as well as anthologies such as As/Us; Raven Chronicles; and Resist Much/Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance. 

Author of Talking Indian: Identity and Language Revitalization in the Chickasaw Renaissance


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Photo by Alice Rose Crow