Riot Call

By Kim Shuck

Ravens have been loud for a few days
Riot call and mutter
Look out through every coin and
Obsidian mirror every
Scrap of light
Every bead every
Combination lock
Bis morgan fruh
Raven's eyes in
Dew on the jasmine blossoms I
Noticed on Sunday they're blooming again
Fly high
Fly far we're
Planting rhubarb in the garden this season if this
Hot overcast breaks if the
Leaves survive I've
Put your chair out again the
Unfinished puzzle on the
Basement table staring back
Raven's eyes it's ok I'll
Finish it there are books and
Tea there is
History I will hold it here in my
Left hand I will hold it there is
Smoked tea and I will find some
Blackberries your shoes are there in the
Bag on my rocking chair if you like we can
Walk on Sunday

© Kim Shuck. All rights reserved. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Shuck is a wide-eyed iconoclast and baker of cookies. She
holds a fine arts MFA from San Francisco State, raised three humans, one bird and an array of furred, feathered and finned beings, and has official documentation declaring her everything from a hero to a nightmare. She wanders her home town on foot most days, organizes a regular poetry series at Modern Times Bookstore, and teaches studio art and Native short form lit. She is a lousy housekeeper. Kim has three books currently in print, the latest is Clouds Running In from Taurean Horn Press.

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