Something to Do on a Dark, Windy Day

By Michelle Pichon

When the day is dark
and the wind is blowing
hard and continuously
through the trees
bending them
like blades of grass
go outside
close your eyes
and imagine the sound
is a crowd

for you

moons and flowers bloom

I held your hand
and you felt something
alive in me
your blind eyes saw beneath my skin
what I was not ready to perceive
your glowing face and shining laughter
embraced the light in me
and blessed it with your touch
I held your hand
and felt your moon
alive in you
alive in me
your blind eyes masking your real sight
where visions are bright
and dance and sing in chorus
all around you
we held hands
and flowers grew between them
you said it was good

and I finally saw it too

Copyright © Michelle Pichon. All rights reserved.

Michelle Pichon is a Louisiana Creole with roots in Slidell and Isle Brevelle, Louisiana. Teaching English at Northwestern State University is her bread and butter but poetry is her chocolate cake and Sauvignon Blanc at the end of the day. She has previously been published in Country Roads, Xavier Review, and Louisiana English Journal. She is co-founder of Down River Art Gang (DRAG) where she and her friends put on killer multi-cultural, multi-genre art shows and other events. 

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