Cathedral of Leaves

By Linda Boyden

Grandmothers sit
around a small table;
above their silvered hair
oak boughs weave
a cathedral of leaves,
for shade and secrecy.
Grandmothers sip tea,
the clink of their cups
pepper their thin voices
as they spin Forever Stories
to soothe or amuse
or guide a troubled child.
Grandmothers quilt
a patchwork of words;
stitch the bliss of a first kiss
onto the death of a language;
hem a baby’s first smile
on the memory of a massacre.
Grandmothers spark stories,
their pale voices bloom
under the cathedral of leaves,
where remembering
becomes a sacred thing.

Copyright © Linda Boyden. All rights reserved.

Linda Boyden, author, storyteller, illustrator and poet

"The Blue Roses" from Low Books 2002, winner New Voices Award, Paterson Prize and Wordcraft Circle's Book of the Year, 2003

"Powwow's Coming" the University of New Mexico Press, 2007.

"Powwow's Coming" is included on Reading Is Fundamental's 2011 Multicultural Book List!

"Giveaways, An ABC Book of Loanwords from the Americas", written and illustrated by Linda Boyden (University of New Mexico Press), 2010

"Giveaways", winner of three Finalist awards from the 2011 International Book Awards, two Finalist Awards from the 2011New Mexico Book Awards and included in 2012 California Collections form the CA. Reading Association. 
Linda's 4th picture book, "Boy and Poi Poi Puppy" from Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. (2013). 

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