Yellow Medicine Review

"Women's Wisdom, Women's Strength" Issue. Guest edited by CMarie Fuhrman. 
Cover art: MAESTRAPEACE, detail of the Healing Panel, mural on The San Francisco Women's Building, 18th and Valencia Streets, by Juana Alicia, Miranda Bergman, Edythe Boone, Susan Cervantes, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton and Irene Perez. 
Contributors include Julian Ankney, Tacey M. Atsitty, Dawn Pichon Barron, Esther G. Belin, Kimberly Blaeser, Linda Boyden, Dr. Deidra Suwanee Dees, Marisa Duarte, Zoe Antoinette Eddy, Sarah Christine Hennessey, Lance Henson, Ines Hernandez-Avila, Boderra Joe, Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada, Manny Loley, Amber McCrary, Ruby Hansen Murray, Elise Paschen, Beth Piatote, Ursula Pike, Vivian Faith Prescott, Suzanne Rancourt, Marcie Rendon, C.R. Resetarits, Barbara Robidoux, Kim Shuck, Beverly Singer, Angel Sobotta, w.C.Sy / waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy, Jonathan Taylor, Tavia Torralba, Terra Trevor, J.K. Tsosie, Angie Trudell Vasquez, Steven Warren, Kyle White, Kimberly Gail Wieser, and Ray Young Bear.

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